Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Georgia Rules!

Have you ever just been wracked with fear over whether or not you should get on a plane with a 2 and a 5 year old? Well we just returned from the most amazing time over the last 5 days hanging out with my cousin, Jen, and her husband, Jim, near Savannah. The trip held a bunch of firsts for the whole family. This was Sam’s first flight ever, and Caleb’s first that he’ll remember. The boys did wonderfully, and we were so happy we decided to fly instead of drive 10 hours! It was the first time we’d been to Jen and Jim’s horse farm – Silverthorne Run Stables and Riding Academy, and Sam’s first horse ride (which lasted all of about 1 minute). Caleb’s first time doing farm work (which included mucking out a stall, spreading hay, helping drive the tractor to move a manure pile, and we all fed the horses their fair share of grass and carrots). We all got to witness horseshoeing , which is incredibly neat, especially when you’ve never seen it done before. And this was all on Wednesday, our first day at the farm! Caleb was quite the little farm hand. He just wanted to be involved in everything Jen was doing!

We spent a few hours on Thursday in downtown Savannah, where we ate lunch at Leopold’s, walked through the city a bit, and went down to the river to watch the boats go by. Most of all Caleb was anxious to get back to the farm to see the horses, play with their 4 dogs, and chase whichever of the 5 cats the boys could find at any moment.

Friday we all jumped in the trucks to head to my uncle’s lakehouse. Jen and I had the pleasure of spending time, just the two of us, in one truck with the dogs. And even more fabulous, I had a doggie in my lap the whole way up and back – pure heaven! The lake experience was a first for all of us to swim in a lake, and ride jet skis. We left the wakeboarding to the experts in the family! We got to spend a few days with Jen’s brother, Scott, and his wife, Erin. Caleb really enjoyed playing with Maddie and Kate, their two little girls. Sam is very much a two-year-old, and spent most of the time bouncing off the walls, or changing his mind back and forth about going in the lake. I think he finally felt okay about it about a half hour before we got out to get ready to drive back to the farm!

It was great catching up with my cousins and their families, and enjoying a vacation that was actually relaxing! Now we’re back to reality, and I’ve got to get sewing in between our other summer activities to get ready for the fall craft show season, and keep my Etsy shop full of interesting items.

Thanks to Jen and Jim for their fabulous hospitality, and for showing us a great time in such a relaxing setting. We can’t wait to see you again!!

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