Friday, November 20, 2009

12 Weeks of Christmas Tutorial #8

I promised you two tutorials this week to make up for last week, so here's another quick fabric treat for you! A fun and quick patchwork bookmark I'm fixing up for my book club girlfriends.

I know you have fabric scraps, so grab a few that are still in strips. Iron on some fusible interfacing - the stiffness is up to you, however you like the feel. Sew your strips together vertically, and iron flat.

Grab your two-inch ruler and cut strips on the diagonal. The length of your bookmark depends on the width of your pieces sewn together.

Find another scrap of fabric the same size as your diagonal cut. Iron on interfacing to that piece. Place the two pieces right sides together and trim the 2nd fabric to a matching size.

With the two pieces still together, sew around three sides. Flip the bookmark right side out - make sure to really push on those sharp corners to get them nice and pointy! Give the bookmark a really good press to get all the wrinkles out. Top stitch all the way around to close the 4th side.

Use your eyelet hole-punch to make a hole. Push in the eyelet and give it a squeeze with the pliers. Add a little ribbon, and voila! you've got yourself a quick, easy, funky patchwork bookmark!

Happy crafting! Amy

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