Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another New Ring Style!

I'm super excited about these little gems. Talk about sparkly! I'll have several of these rings, all one of a kind, in the SewArtsy shop over the next few days. They are each hand beaded onto button bases before being glued onto the adjustable base. These will be great for holiday parties, adding a little handmade bling to your outfit!

Happy Tuesday! Amy

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rings for Your Little Girls

One of the new items that I've not had in the SewArtsy shop before, but made for my recent craft show, is a tiny button ring perfect for little girls' fingers. They are super sweet. I've made hearts and flowers so far, and am getting them listed into my Etsy shop.

These cute little rings have copper colored bases, so they are easy to tell apart from my regular sized rings. They fit snuggly on my pinky which is about a size 5. And of course they adjust from there - a little bit bigger, and squeezed to smaller sizes.

How do you like them?

Happy Sunday! Amy

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New items! Can you believe it?

There are new items in the shop tonight! And more to come! I worked really hard to get lots of items made for a recent craft show, and now I'm excited to share some new totes, pouches and rings with you that are still in my inventory. Here's a little eye candy before you start clicking!

Happy Saturday! Amy

Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Giveaway - Gift Certificate from ARJarvis!

The Nine Weeks of Amy rolls on with a new giveaway from Arjarvis. Come see how you can win a gift certificate for Amy's store at the Amys in the Arts Blog.

Happy Monday! Amy

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Amys Giveaway!

This week head on over to the Amys blog, and enter for your chance to win 2 incredible pairs of earrings from the fabulous Ami Allison of Alililly! There are so many chances to win!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ever Wonder Where I Started?

Oh, crafting, how I love thee! Let me count the ways!

I'm a life-long crafter. It all began with my first coloring pages, and box of scissors, glue, pom poms and stickers. I'd have to say from very early on I've been obsessed with the line of things. In most of my own art, line is everything. It's the shape of things I'm most struck by. I draw, I paint, I color, I sew, and that's how SewArtsy came about.

My mom sewed almost all of my clothes growing up. There were dresses for every special occasion, adorable summer clothes, bathing suits and cover-ups, homecoming dresses, prom dresses, and yes, even my wedding gown. I learned to pin and cut patterns at an early age. But somewhere along the way while I was being formed in the womb, I was not handed the garment-sewing gene! I tried early on to learn how to sew my own clothes, much to my own, and my mother's, frustration. It didn't take long until I just labeled myself a pinner and cutter, and left all of the garment sewing to her - and I still do! I'm not ashamed of it. I'm just more of a straight seam kind of girl - I want to make shapes. I became a fabulous sewer of pillows and little stuffed critters, and I found a love of buttons and embellishments! Eventually I learned a little about quilting, and found that I really enjoyed that. I could use fabulous fabrics, in a variety of cut shapes, and could embellish my finished works to my hearts content. One day I wanted to turn my pieced fabrics into a tote, and once I finished it I was hooked on handbags. Eventually I started making modifications to a basic tote pattern - resizing, reshaping, adding zippers, adding pockets, changing handles. Now I love designing accessories to go with my bags, and I'm much more confident and at ease with my sewing supplies. And of course with my embellishments! Buttons, crystals and appliques are my favorites, can't you tell?

For the record I still can't sew a garment to save my life, and I'm still not ashamed!

Happy Monday! Amy

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Amys in the Arts: week 2 of the Nine Weeks of Amy ... win a gift cer...

A new Amys giveaway has been announced on the Amys in the Arts blog! Please check it out to win an awesome giveaway from fellow Amy of Suburban Graffiti!

Amys in the Arts: week 2 of the Nine Weeks of Amy ... win a gift cer...

Happy Sunday! Amy