Thursday, October 29, 2009

12 Weeks of Christmas Tutorial #5!

This week's tutorial would be great for the kids! I wanted my boys to be able to make ornaments for their grandparents, and together we decided we wanted to decorate Christmas trees. Here's what we came up with.

Christmas Tree Felt Ornaments
(tutorial makes 3 ornaments)

What you'll need:
Christmas Tree Templates (or draw your own shapes!)
3-9x12 sheets of craft felt, in three different colors
Felt glue
Various embellishments - we used silver star sequins
Various colors of glitter glue

Step 1
Print and cut out the Christmas tree templates. Use the Sharpie to trace the templates onto the felt. One of each size on each piece of felt.

Step 2
Cut out the shapes. You should end up with 9 felt pieces.

Step 3
Layer your pieces, and set them aside in three groups.

Step 4
Take you largest tree (this will be your bottom piece), and dab some glue at the top. Cut your ribbon to your desired length, and fold it in half to make a loop for hanging. Place the two raw ends into the glue.

Step 5
Take your middle tree, turn it over and cover the backside with glue. Flip and position on top of the largest tree. Press down to secure.

Step 6
Take your spool of thread, and wind around your smallest tree like tinsel. Add a couple of inches to the length, and cut.

Step 7
Hold about one inch of one end of the thread to the back of the smallest tree. Add some glue to the top of the tree, and a dab for the extra inch of thread.

Step 8
Start winding the "tinsel" around the tree, and add your sequins as you go. Add glue to the backside as you finish each section of "tinsel" to adhere to the rest of the tree. Leave an inch at the other end of the thread to go to the backside of the bottom of the tree. Secure it with glue, and gently press all around to make sure your smallest tree is secured to the rest of the ornament.

Step 9
At this point, go to town adding a splash of color with your glitter glue! Let the ornaments dry overnight so that the glue sets. Hang on your tree, and enjoy! Or wrap up and give as a wonderful handmade gift from the heart!

Happy Crafting! Amy

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