Monday, September 29, 2008

Autumn Arts and Crafts Festival at Claude Moore Park

So this Saturday was the kickoff for my craft show season. I think the weather kept a lot of folks away because the forecast was for rain all day. But we were blessed by sunny weather for part of the day, and a little cloud cover the rest of the day - no rain! It was hot and humid as all get out because of the moisture that was in the ground from the previous days' rain, but we managed still to have a great time. My friend, Diane, was good enough to come hang out with me for the day so I wouldn't be lonely. And while the number of customers was low because of the weather, those who came were appreciative of the artwork represented at the show.

One of my artist neighbors was Liz from Mad Hatter Ceramics, and she was a blast. We talked a lot about Etsy, Etsy teams (she is a memeber of the Etsy MudTeam), different craft shows, and swapped stories as best we could between customers. Check out her Etsy shop here! She has a unique style, does amazing work, and I think your friends and family would be excited to receive a piece or two as a gift. I bought one piece for my mom that I think she's going to flip over :o), and once I figure out who could best use it, my next purchase is going to be this bowl!

Another highlight of the show: a black rat snake that was probably a good 6 feet long definitely longer than my arm span - coming straight up the gravel road behind my tent. Yikes! Now I can say I've finally seen a snake in the wild. And boy was it a biggie!

Happy Monday! Amy

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Featured Amy: Have Art

Next up in my featured Amy series:

Have Art

Do you have an affinity for pears? Amy Elise of Have Art sure does! This talented painter captures the beauty and essence of this understated fruit in her acrylic paintings. Check out her vibrant and unique variety of decorative paintings featuring crosses, symbols, word art, and yes, pears! I love the stylization and contemporary colors Amy uses in her renderings.

In addition to being a fellow Amys in the Arts team member, Amy is also a contributing member of CAST (Christian Artists Street Team) and Military Brats Street Team. Amy is a mother of three, and a gifted and inspirational artist. She incorporates her unique perspective into wrap-around canvases and wide array of decorative paintings. Check out Amy's Etsy shop: Have Art. She has several items in her shop right now for those of you looking for new Christmas decor. Her small-sized art makes a big impression, and any of her pieces would make a wonderful gift for any art lover!

My favorite? The lovely 6x6 painting entitled "Yummy Pear with Chocolate Background". This pear is my favorite shade of green, and paired with my favorite dark - a luscious brown which makes the pear jump off the canvas! I might just have to have it, unless you get there before me!

Happy Thursday! Amy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Craft Show Kickoff!

I'm counting down the days to my first craft show of the season. I hope to see you there! This Saturday, September 27, 10am to 5pm, at Claude Moore Park, in Sterling VA. If you've received my newsletter, don't forget to bring your coupon with you! If you're not on my newsletter list, please let me know who you are so I can add you! I don't want you missing out on coupons, discounts, and specials!

The show at Claude Moore is a great outing for families, with free stuff for kids to do! Fun, food, music and arts. Entrance to the park and show is free. Check out details here.

Come check it out and have a wonderful time!

Happy Tuesday! Amy

Friday, September 19, 2008

Featured Amy: Handmade by Amy

Next up in my featured Amy series:

"cards they'll never want to throw away" Handmade by Amy

Elegant card-making doesn’t come easily! Here’s an artist who has painstakingly designed and constructed pieces that you truly won’t want to throw away. “It’s all in the little details” is her motto, and you can see it in her work. Amy’s designs are classy and streamlined, and filled with punch. Whether you are looking for note cards, wedding or baby announcements, gift tags, labels, or birthday cards, you can look no further. Check out Amy’s Etsy shop: Handmade by Amy. Amy started selling her handmade creations on Etsy in November of 2007, and pursues her passion for paper card-making full time from her home in North Carolina. Take some time to browse her shop today! Amy offers a loyalty program, so the more you buy, the more you save. She’s taking pre-orders for Christmas cards, so please contact her soon if you are interested in fabulous Christmas cards – which, in my opinion, would be a gift in themselves. Check out the awesome Peacock Family Mommy Cards – business cards for the hip, modern mom! A striking design, and a fabulous idea! See Amy here:,, her Flickr page and on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PB & J for Dinner!

In celebration of Sam passing his third and final allergy test today – The Peanut Challenge – we celebrated with a dinner of PB & Js all around! We are so happy to welcome PB back into our family, for we have missed him so. Sam passed his test with flying paleness – meaning no blotchy face :o) It is indeed a red letter day for us all.

Happy Wednesday! Amy

Thursday, September 11, 2008

First Days

I was always so nervous on the first day of school. Nervous about liking my teacher, finding my classroom, meeting new kids, having to raise my hand in class and answer a question out loud. All sorts of things. Last week I watched the bigger little man climb aboard a big yellow school bus and never look back. He just thinks school is so cool! This Tuesday morning I watched the littlest man climb into a friend’s car, and drive off to his first day of preschool. At least Sam gave me a glance as he pulled away from the house :o) It seems Josh and I have raised up two little boys who are secure and well-adjusted, which should give me some comfort, right? Well, no. While I was glad I didn’t have to endure either of them crying and saying they didn’t want to go, I really could appreciate a look that says, “Mom, I’m gonna miss you every minute I’m away!” Fat chance! I love my boys, and they love me, but more and more these days it takes a bump or a bruise, a fall or a tumble, for them to need me. Is it wrong to feel a twinge of glee when they come running with tears? Maybe so, but I’ll take what I can get :o)

Today’s a first for me, too. I’d like to start featuring the Etsy shops of my Amys in the Arts teammates. I hope you’ll find them as charming as I do, and give their shops a look!

First up: “Old jeans never die, they just go to…”

The Recycled Jeans Co.

“Old jeans never die…” Isn’t that so true? I love the look and feel of jeans. Denim is probably one of the most recyclable fabrics because its durable, great looking whether brand new or faded and shredded, and it only gets softer with age. Amy, from The Recycled Jeans Co., takes great care to offer you adorable, quality products that are made from mostly reclaimed fabrics. She’s an Army wife, a homeschooling mama, and a self-professed fabric-aholic (just like me!). 30 years ago her grandmother taught her how to sew, and now she loves to hunt down fabrics at thrift stores and yard sales to head on to the next challenge of making them new again! 10% of her profits go to local charities – gotta love that! Take some time to browse her shop today! My favorite: The Funky Denim Heart Pillow. I love the zipper pocket – so unexpected! You’ll find lunch bags, drink cozies, bears, totes,laundry bags, quilts and pillows, and much more!

Check out Amy’s blog, website and Etsy store! and and

Happy Thursday! Amy