Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Super Easy Fabric Cuff!

I set out Monday evening to fashion myself a cuff using this awesome Andalucia ribbon from Patty Young! I paired it with this beautiful solid teal cotton. Once you've gathered up your supplies this cuff should take you about 15-20 minutes to make - so easy!

For a cuff that will be 6.5" long by 2" wide, gather up:
* 1 piece of 1 1/2" wide ribbon, 7.5" long
* 1 piece solid cotton, 7.5" long by 8" wide
* 1 piece of elastic cording, 2" long
* 1 button
* coordinating thread
* sewing machine
* needle for hand sewing
* straight pins

Iron your cotton, then press under 1/2" on each side to reduce the 7.5" length to 6.5". Then fold the width in half and press, then open up and fold in the edges to the center crease. Press and fold again, reducing 8" width to 2". Once you've pressed the creases, open it back up to 4", and lay the ribbon across the right side of the fabric on one side so that it overhangs the cotton 1/2" on each side.

Wrap the ends under and secure with straight pins.

Topstitch the ribbon to the cotton. I did one row of stitching on each side of the ribbon so that I wasn't sewing over too much of the print, but a fun, random stitch pattern could be lovely in its own right!

Flip your cotton over to the wrong side. Fold your 2" piece of elastic cording in half, and tack it down to one end with a small stitch.

Fold the cotton back to a 2" width, and topstitch around the entire rectangle.

Wrap the cuff around your wrist to feel the fit. Hand sew your button to the opposite end of the cuff from the elastic. Button placement will depend on where it feels comfortable on your wrist.

Voila! Finished project. I can't wait to make more, and try out some different embellishment ideas!

Enjoy making your own! Try layering different ribbons, using a patchwork of fabrics, or embellishing with buttons or crystals - the possibilities are endless when you are the artist!

Happy Tuesday! Amy