Thursday, December 3, 2009

12 Weeks of Christmas Tutorial #10!

Here's an easy peasy gift wrap option that will take you no time at all to whip up. The best things about these bags - they're reusable, you can adjust the dimensions to make them to fit your gifts perfectly, they'll hold the homemade delectables and handmade goodies you're giving this year :o)

For this 8.5"x11" bag, take a 1/4 yard cut of 44" cotton fabric, press and fold selvedge to selvedge right sides together.

Sew the short edge, leaving a hole for turning.

Then stitch up the two long sides.

Turn right sides out.

And top stitch the turning hole closed.

Using both hands, pinch the middle, and tuck the end with turning hole inside the bag - making the end seams meet at the bottom of the bag.

(The middle of the untucked piece becomes the top edge of the bag).

Cut a 30" piece of 1" wide grosgrain ribbon, and after filling the gift bag, tie up a nice bow to finish off a fabulous gift!

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