Thursday, October 22, 2009

12 Weeks of Christmas Tutorial #4!

This week I'm offering some practical help, but with a purpose. As a family we support the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child. As an option families can wrap their shoe boxes in wrapping paper, but I've not done this before because I thought it would just take too much time figuring out how to make them look really nice. This year I challenged myself to figure this out, and grabbed my most sturdy wrapping paper, my shoe boxes, tape and scissors, and set out to tackle the project!

1. Lay the box lid on rolled out paper. (a) Cut it wide enough to completely cover the inside edges. (b) cut slits in the paper, width-wise at ends. This eliminates the tearing that can come with box edges. (c) Secure paper to sides with tape.

2. (a) On one end fold the paper sides in, just like you would wrapping a gift box. (b) Secure loose ends with tape inside the box. (c) Fold up the triangle and secure inside with tape. Repeat on other end. And repeat the same process on the box bottom.

One of my shoe boxes had a hinged lid, instead of one that comes completely off. Below are photos of how I measured the paper, and worked the paper around the box, folding and taping as I went. (Click the photos to see the images in a larger, more detailed size)

Once the box was completely covered with paper, before closing, I snipped the paper at the hinge, and secured it well with tape to make sure it had both a nice fit and a nice look.

This tutorial will come in handy whether you are participating in this year's OCC campaign, or whether you'd just like to wrap a lidded box for the gift-giving season.

It's so easy to bring a smile and a heart full of joy to a child on this enormous planet of ours who otherwise will not receive anything for Christmas this year. If you feel called to participate - get out and do it! National Collection Week is November 16-23! Click here for ideas on how to pack a shoe box, and here for drop-off locations near you.

Happy Crafting! Amy

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