Friday, July 25, 2008

Spools, Spools, Spools

Going through as many spools of thread as I do, I’ve been wondering, “What in the world do I do with all these empty spools?” Of course I could just pitch them, but it seems so wasteful. Surely there’s something my kids could do with these! So off I head to the internet to find some ideas. Most ideas I found are for wooden spools, but mine are all plastic. So here are 2 ideas I found that I might try:

Fourth of July Necklace from

Sitting Spools from Funology

I plan on taking my empty spools on our vacation for a craft project with the boys. I’ll post photos of our craft endeavors when we return, especially if I come up with any really cool spool ideas. I’m thinking I’ll take glue, fabric scraps and paints with us, and see what happens! Maybe a colorful spool pyramid for the boys to build and knock over (which they will love even if they don’t want to do the decorating part!), and maybe some strung shapes like I’ve made with beads in the past, we’ll see!

Got any great ideas of your own??? Let me hear 'em!

And here’s an adorable spool creation I found on Etsy made by KreatedbyKelly!

Have a great weekend! Amy

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