Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation Prep

So, big nerd that I am, I decided today that instead of making my own vacation checklist I would do a Google search to see if I could find one ready-made. Surely with the organization industry as big as it has gotten it wouldn’t take too long to find one – and I was not disappointed! Soon after starting my search I found many travel checklists – some too broad, like world travel on an airplane, and some too narrow, like only how to pack your suitcase efficiently. All important checklists to have, but not quite what I was looking for. Then I found a variety of travel checklists on – should have figured to look there first! There’s so much information and travel tips there about packing – how to’s, what to’s, and what not to’s, etc.

I found a pre-vacation checklist for things that I should take care of a few days before our beach vacation, and checklists for packing up everything we’ll need for our trip. Perhaps these links will help you get ready for your next vacation – especially if you’re a big nerd like me!

At I found a checklist for long car journeys with kids– fabulous!

My ideas on what not to forget:

*To check your tire pressure, and make sure you have a spare and tools in case of a flat or blowout

*To check your vehicle’s fluid levels

*Flares, flashlight, white cloth and other emergency equipment

*A jug of water, for vehicle and human consumption in an emergency

*A cooler with water, fruit, and box of granola bars or suitable energy-replacement

*Napkins or paper towels

*A trash bag (I have a new one from Allyson Hill that is way cool!)

*Those blankies and favorite stuffies for a more comforting and comfortable long car ride!

Happy Monday! Amy

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