Thursday, September 11, 2008

First Days

I was always so nervous on the first day of school. Nervous about liking my teacher, finding my classroom, meeting new kids, having to raise my hand in class and answer a question out loud. All sorts of things. Last week I watched the bigger little man climb aboard a big yellow school bus and never look back. He just thinks school is so cool! This Tuesday morning I watched the littlest man climb into a friend’s car, and drive off to his first day of preschool. At least Sam gave me a glance as he pulled away from the house :o) It seems Josh and I have raised up two little boys who are secure and well-adjusted, which should give me some comfort, right? Well, no. While I was glad I didn’t have to endure either of them crying and saying they didn’t want to go, I really could appreciate a look that says, “Mom, I’m gonna miss you every minute I’m away!” Fat chance! I love my boys, and they love me, but more and more these days it takes a bump or a bruise, a fall or a tumble, for them to need me. Is it wrong to feel a twinge of glee when they come running with tears? Maybe so, but I’ll take what I can get :o)

Today’s a first for me, too. I’d like to start featuring the Etsy shops of my Amys in the Arts teammates. I hope you’ll find them as charming as I do, and give their shops a look!

First up: “Old jeans never die, they just go to…”

The Recycled Jeans Co.

“Old jeans never die…” Isn’t that so true? I love the look and feel of jeans. Denim is probably one of the most recyclable fabrics because its durable, great looking whether brand new or faded and shredded, and it only gets softer with age. Amy, from The Recycled Jeans Co., takes great care to offer you adorable, quality products that are made from mostly reclaimed fabrics. She’s an Army wife, a homeschooling mama, and a self-professed fabric-aholic (just like me!). 30 years ago her grandmother taught her how to sew, and now she loves to hunt down fabrics at thrift stores and yard sales to head on to the next challenge of making them new again! 10% of her profits go to local charities – gotta love that! Take some time to browse her shop today! My favorite: The Funky Denim Heart Pillow. I love the zipper pocket – so unexpected! You’ll find lunch bags, drink cozies, bears, totes,laundry bags, quilts and pillows, and much more!

Check out Amy’s blog, website and Etsy store! and and

Happy Thursday! Amy

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