Monday, September 29, 2008

Autumn Arts and Crafts Festival at Claude Moore Park

So this Saturday was the kickoff for my craft show season. I think the weather kept a lot of folks away because the forecast was for rain all day. But we were blessed by sunny weather for part of the day, and a little cloud cover the rest of the day - no rain! It was hot and humid as all get out because of the moisture that was in the ground from the previous days' rain, but we managed still to have a great time. My friend, Diane, was good enough to come hang out with me for the day so I wouldn't be lonely. And while the number of customers was low because of the weather, those who came were appreciative of the artwork represented at the show.

One of my artist neighbors was Liz from Mad Hatter Ceramics, and she was a blast. We talked a lot about Etsy, Etsy teams (she is a memeber of the Etsy MudTeam), different craft shows, and swapped stories as best we could between customers. Check out her Etsy shop here! She has a unique style, does amazing work, and I think your friends and family would be excited to receive a piece or two as a gift. I bought one piece for my mom that I think she's going to flip over :o), and once I figure out who could best use it, my next purchase is going to be this bowl!

Another highlight of the show: a black rat snake that was probably a good 6 feet long definitely longer than my arm span - coming straight up the gravel road behind my tent. Yikes! Now I can say I've finally seen a snake in the wild. And boy was it a biggie!

Happy Monday! Amy

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