Friday, August 15, 2008

Two down; One to go!

Blood test: done. We should know the results of Sam's RAST test in a couple of weeks. Sam really did a great job, however he did flinch at first causing the needle to come out of his arm. And knowing what he was in for at that point brought on the howls! So in went the needle again. One minute, a strawberry sucker, and a Bugs Bunny bandage later, and he was back to his usual antics :o) Mommy, however, was still clenching every muscle!

I pride myself on not being a queasy person, and can pretty much watch, look at, and handle human "grossness", but for whatever reason when Sam tensed up, so did I. And of course, it took me another 20 minutes before I could relax. So since my mom was with me and the boys, we left the clinic and decided to peruse the clearance racks at Old Navy. I just love it when stores put perfectly good clothing out for next to nothing :o) Retail therapy to the rescue!

Happy Friday! Amy

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