Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Sewing For Fun

I still have plenty of scraps left over from decorating Charis' nursery, and I'm keen on using them up. So I thought I'd share my projects with you.

First off I made some Hair Clippy Caddies for her clips, but left off the pockets. So they are less of a caddy and more of a hanger only. I made two of them using two of the fabrics, and caught the loops over knobs on a lattice coat rack. The other knobs I'm using to hang her headbands and ponytail holders.

With the smaller scraps I'm piecing together some large pillows so that Charis will have some cushions for her floor. I used a strip of the panel print and filled in the rest of the pillow top with a grid of rectangles. Once it was all sewn together I trimmed the square down to 22". The pillow form I'm using is 24" square, so I cut the cover 2" smaller to make sure the fit is good and tight. Now all I need to do is find a nice coordinating solid to make the envelope back for the pillow cover, and then I'll be all done! I'll post some more photos once they are done and I get her room clean enough for photos!

Happy Wednesday! Amy

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