Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thinking of Others at Christmastime

Want to do something with a huge impact this Christmastime? How about helping out those in need!

Recently I received an incredible catalog of new ways I could help out Bethany Christian Services, those affected by crisis pregnancies, orphans, and families in need around the world. In this catalog there are descriptions of ways you can help out the birthparents, foster parents, adoptive parents, and counselors and administration of this fabulous ministry in the US. There are also opportunities to give to their international services, as well as to a fabulous sponsorship program called the Extra Mile Fund. You can see the entire catalog online, here.

Some other ways to help out brothers and sisters around the world: donate an animal to a family as a means of agricultural learning and self-reliance.

IRC: choose to give a gift basket and help refugees realize the journey "from harm to home" with good health practices, educational resources, safety supplies, items for the home and vocational training.

Free Rice: The easiest thing in the world to do on a daily basis, and work on your vocabulary skills at the same time! Keep clicking to keep feeding!

Your small gift will make a big difference in the lives of others!

Happy Thursday! Amy

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