Friday, November 14, 2008

Holiday EtsyFest!

Can't find the time to hit your local craft shows? Want to get great deals from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday, but don't want to leave your home?

Check out Holiday EtsyFest (Nov. 27 through Dec. 1) where you'll find participating shops with the tag "Thanksgiving_Sale". Each shop will have their own sales and discounts, so read their shop announcements to find your savings! My shops, SewArtsy and SewArtsyBethany, will boast continued free shipping (through Dec. 20) as well as 10% off your entire order when you buy 3 or more items!

If you have an Etsy shop and would like to be a part of Holiday EtsyFest, sign up here!

Happy Friday! Amy

PS - graphic above graciously designed by the fabulous artist softpencil!


Candy Stick Lane said...

What a great shopping opp! Who needs to fight the crowds at the after Thanksgiving sale!!! SHOP HANDMADE :D

Softpencil said...

Thank you a lot for your comment about my work!!!