Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Waiting Game Continues

So we're still in a holding pattern for baby #3, but one thing we know for sure is that each day brings us closer to her arrival. We are surely ready! We've pulled out everything from storage we can think of that this baby will need, and we've stocked up diapers, wipes and formula. Now, what are we forgetting?!

In the meantime I'm trying to get everything in my inventory reposted into my Etsy store. Stop by and check out what's available in my pre-made stock. Also, enjoy free shipping (within the US) through December 20th. It's my way of helping out with your holiday spending!

Until next time - I'm stockpiling my sleep hours, and spending as much time one-on-one with the boys before their sister makes her arrival!

Happy Wednesday! Amy

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