Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fresh Ideas!

If you've visited the SewArtsy shop recently you've seen that I'm concentrating more on my smaller items like zip top bags and totes. I'm not sure why, but I'm drawn to them recently - maybe because they are so cute, little and functional. Maybe also because there's more of me in them. Last fall, and especially over the Christmas holiday, I pulled out some old friends - my sketch pad, pens and pencils. I sketched things that were not purses :o) and it was fun!

My poor husband has looked in my craft closet and asked "what are all those things down there on the floor that aren't fabric?" Well honey, those are canvases and paints, inks and papers, brushes and tools - all things I used to play with before we got married. Remember? Oh yeah!

So my yearnings for playtime with my old friends finally won out - and now at least some of them are no longer relegated to the bottom of my craft closet. They actually get to stay out and play from time to time!

I'm using those sketches now for applique ideas, and perhaps some other new fun projects that I'll show you soon. What do you think?

Happy Sunday! Amy

1 comment:

Diana Evans said...

oh these appliques are fantastic!!!

Wonderful work!!