Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do You See What I See?

It's summer BBQ time on Etsy! Check out this selection!

Printable BBQ Party Invitation, empapers
Kashmir, Women's Half Apron, paisleypockets
Cranberry Orange BBQ Sauce
, howlingwolfsauces
Bright Summer Reversible Table Runner, spacestitch
Salt and Pepper Pigs, isook
Daddy's BBQ Plate, neonboom
Weber Grill Foundation Paper Piece Quilt Pattern, madcreekdesigns
Play Food Crochet Pattern - BBQ, craftyanna

Happy Wednesday! Amy


Liane said...

Thank you for featuring my table runner! What a great summer collection. Now I want to eat ribs...

Chris said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Weber Grill Paper Piece pattern.
Great summer feature that should put everyone in the mood for a BBQ.