Friday, February 6, 2009

Product Review

Recently, I was asked to try out a new product and write a review. I jumped at the chance to try out this new product:

The items in the box were well packaged. I received 2 main reusable applicators - one hand sized and one finger sized. There were 5 pieces of the actual crystal-flex pads - a sandpaper like material with a sticky side for adhering to the applicator - for each size. All of the pieces were contained in a vinyl case - one side for applicators and the other side for the crystal-flex pads. There was also a large tube of moisturizer included for post-smoothing use. The instruction sheet told me exactly what I needed to know to use the product correctly.

I will say that this product did work, and it is very easy to use. It removed my hair, and exfoliated my skin. However, I found that I used up all of the large pieces on just one leg! Maybe my hair is coarser than others. I was happy with the end results, but a little discouraged by having worked my way through the system and still had work to do.

This product costs $14.99 on the Smooth Away site, and for me the amount of time and resources it took to do just one leg doesn't justify the cost. It's much more cost and time effective for me to jump in the shower and use a disposable razor, although my skin does not feel as smoothly exfoliated as it did with Smooth Away.

Ultimately I found that this is a good product, and does do what it claims. There was absolutely no pain involved - and no nicking that comes with razors. If you choose to try this product, just know that it will take a bit of time according to how quickly your particular body hair can be removed. I did not get to use the smaller pieces, but am hanging on to them in the event that I feel so inclined to use them later.

I hope this review was helpful to anyone who has thought about trying this product - it's definitely worth a try.

Happy Friday! Amy

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Dashery Jewelry said...

I'm glad to hear what you think of it, since I've been thinking about trying it. It's good to know that the pads get used up so quickly. Thanks!